Hey, I’m Emma! I skipped the nine to five grind and started a digitally-based business straight out of college. I’m a Wheaton College (in Massachusetts) graduate, with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Bachelors degree in Studio Art, and a Minor in Psychology. I was the first attendee of my school to create a self-proposed “Social Media” degree. In college, I took numerous courses in the subjects of social media, marketing, digital communities, social and marketing statistics, online human behavior, design (theory/implementation), media writing, and visual sociology.

I researched, wrote, and presented an Advanced Capstone Senior Thesis titled "Me 2.0: A Study of Identity Formation Through Image Sharing on Social Networks," which was based on empirical research, 20+ personal interviews, and the synthesizing these for conceptual/thematic analysis. The information and data gathered, as well as selections of this study, were later published through the college. "Me 2.0" now acts as one of the only modern academic sources regarding identity formation in connection with self-branding through social media.

Upon graduation, I continued to pursue my interest in the management of social media, design, and aesthetics, and my passion for the profound effect that digital platforms have on advertising and marketing. In March of 2015, I started Hamptons Creative Media (after acquiring clients in the Hamptons, New York City, and other areas in the United States). My current and former clients have included, but aren't limited to: lifestyle/beauty products and services, restaurants, medical private practices, dining critics and blogs, artists, wellness ambassadors, and public figures.

I’ve conducted advertising campaigns with many Hamptons-based small businesses, as well as larger clients like KIND Bars, Garnier, Otterbox, FTD Flowers, Birchbox, Zico Coconut Water, Tata Harper, and many more. I now offers a varied and extensive selection of social media, website design, and graphic design-related services. Want to work together? Send me a message!



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“Thank you Emma for helping me gain an understanding of social media marketing that I never had before - it will be invaluable in the future.”

- A.G., East Hampton, NY


“Emma pays careful attention to detail, is capable of handling diverse responsibilities, communicates effectively with people at all levels of understanding, and channels her energy, experience, and talent to work on your behalf. She combines her knowledge of the sociological facets to the digital realm, as well as her background in art (and natural unique creativity), to make sure your internet presence truly stands out.”

-J.A., Sag Harbor, NY


“Hamptons Creative Media has helped my business have the most success, online and off, that it has had thus far. I saw positive changes within the first 24 hours. Eternally grateful.”

- N.T., New York, NY