Hamptons Creative Media is an agency created by emma devito, specializing in website design, social media management, social media consulting, digital design, content creation, and brand identity.


SKYROCKET YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE (with a strategy tailored to you)

Hamptons Creative Media provides  personal Social Identities for businesses and brands (that pack a punch).  Nothing generic and nothing underwhelming allowed. Packages include a fully executed Social Media Platform identity experience with matching visual and written content collateral for each campaign.

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Let me handle it all for you. I operate on a strict production schedule so I’m are able to get your new website live in under 4 weeks. Need a sleek logo? I got you. Need a mobile-ready blog? I got you. Need a fully stocked Facebook page? I got you. Click the button below for an outline of what working together would look like.

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Instagram Photos That Grab Clients quick (and build your engagement)

As of March 2018, More than a third of all United States adults use Instagram. My latest blog takes you from zero to hero in the ever-changing  world of Instagram image crafting. Catch eyes. Be cutting edge. Make content creation a breeze. Check out these top five timeless tips on solidifying a cohesive feed and taking on the social platform that boasts “most engaging”.


a promise: hamptons creative media only takes on a certain number of clients at a time to ensure that every person or business receives ample personalized attention. I don’t have employees, and I don’t hire interns - every creation is coming directly from me - what you see is what you get.

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On the blog: Mindfulness and social media - can they get along?

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On the blog: Tricks to master Instagram’s new feature, Stories

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On the blog: How often should I post to Instagram?

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Coming soon: 5 Lessons for beginners in Email Marketing